RedFox Cargo Fork

Sam at RedFox Cycles did a small batch of cargo forks a little while ago. The concept is simple but brilliant: by running a smaller front wheel, the rack has a significantly lower center of gravity making heavier loads easier to handle. The axle to crown matches that of most retro mtbs, which IMO is the only proper platform for a fork like this!

The classic Short John, as well as lots of custom cycletrucks and some production cargo bikes like the Soma Tradesman or the Omnium Mini use the same principal, but Sam’s fork is probably mostly inspired by the Clydesdale fork by Crust Bikes. This whole sub-genre of light cargo functional bikes really needs some light shined on them! Its the ultimate grocery getter, kid carrier, gear hauler, that i’m sure loads of people could benefit from!

This his own personal rig, a GT Tequesta he’s added a disc tab to, built up with a Hope rear hub and brakes, chunky Thomson stem, and the wildest of moto-x bars! 

Im gonna let the pictures do the rest, but be sure to get in touch with him if you’re interested in one (or a custom frame or mods). He could very well be going for a round 2!